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These are general neworking-related posts. Archive for 2007.

→ New Airport Extreme could expose Macs via IPv6

My first day on the job (so to speak) as contributing writer for Ars Technica I got to combine my two areas of interest: IPv6 and Apple. The Airport Extremes gained IPv6 capability, but this was not firewalled despite the box saying there's a firewall inside.

Read the article - posted 2007-02-15

→ Everything you need to know about IPv6

My first big story about IPv6 on Ars Technica, way back in 2007.

Read the article - posted 2007-03-08

→ Have your Mac say Bonjour to tout le monde

Your Mac speaks more French than you think: the story of Wide-Area Bonjour and the (dynamic) DNS.

Read the article - posted 2007-04-09

→ Wake on LAN: don’t let sleeping Macs lie

Wake up sleeping Macs on your LAN and maybe even across the Internet.

Read the article - posted 2007-09-21

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